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Sports Lighting

Rely on our affordable lighting solutions for the best quality sports lighting, priced within your budget. Enhance your outdoor sports environment with the ideal illumination for baseball field, football field and soccer field, tennis court, and other stadium lighting or arena lighting.

For players from Little League to the big boys, our products allow you to customize outdoor lighting systems to specification with a choice of reflectors (NEMA 3, 4, 5, and 6) and other accessories, including flat glass lenses, E-Z fit clamp bands, pole top mounts and reflector glare shields. Sports lighting fixtures are available in 1500 watt or 1000 watt styles. Also available for rare occassions, we have the 400 watt sports light option.

We feature major brand light bulbs and ballast (no imports), giving you exact equivalents to big-name sports light fixtures at substantial savings. Use the extra budget to buy more safety equipment for your kids!

Sports Lighting - sports lighting fixture for basketball courts football field lighting, soccer field lighting and horse arenas


Manufacturer Complete Lighting Source
Type Sports Lighting Fixture
Part Number SP1500MHMT
Description "1500 watt sports light /lamp included"
Unit Measure 1
Price $275.00
Stock Status In Stock
New/Surplus NEW

1500 Watt Sports Light Fixture / Lamp Included

1000 Watt Sports Lighting Fixture / Lamp Included

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