With the emergence of LED technology, public space lighting has seen drastic changes in its functions and effectiveness. These LED lights are now getting steadily popular amongst the residential and commercial sectors, backed by their durability and augmented illumination.

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Herein, such LEDs are most commonly used to light up distinct public areas such as parking lots. In this context, Affordablelighting.com brings in the effective transformation of parking spaces with their state-of-the-art Parking lot lighting that can be arranged for both the exterior and interior spaces in domestic and business concerns.

How Do The Parking Space Lights From Affordablelighting.Com Prove Their Mileages?

Heightens Up the Security of the Premises

Parking lots in both commercial and residential zones come with substantially large empty spaces that get jammed during peak hours with vehicles. Herein, LEDs for such parking zones are quite a judicious approach, as they negate the dilemmas of burglary and deter the criminals from entering such buildings for ransacking the vehicle parts illegally. With heightened luminosity, these lights offer greater visibility, compared to the conventional lights, helping to light up the entire car park, thus proving to be safe continuously.


In addition, such LEDs parking lights also assist in averting unforeseen accidents and injuries. Therefore, it can be a rational approach for the authorities to mount such highly bright LED parking lights in support with preferably a CCTV system throughout the parking zone to curb the unlawful pursuits and untoward occurrences.

Cost-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

The parking space LED lighting arrangements to help to transform electricity into luminosity, and in the process utilize minimal power. In this context, a 4000k LED provides more than 115 lumens per voltage from the main point to the parking lots. Herein, the LED parking lights benefit the users with considerable energy savings, wherein power consumption is minimized in smaller quantities for each light fitting, thereby compensating for the total cost of erecting such parking light poles.

Besides, the parking lot LED lights to utilize power in the gamut of 40W to 60W, compared to 100W-1000W of HID lights, thereupon deterring needless loss of electricity. Likewise, these LED parking space lights save considerably for the end-users in a domestic or business establishment with approximately 40% to 60% power consumption. From the monetary perspective, the savings can be around $300 per fixture every year in energy bills.

In addition, such lights also prove worthy in considerably minimizing the tariffs, depending on the distinct size of the parking spaces. Moreover, these LEDs come with a longer shelf life, negating the dilemmas of replacing them often. Hence, they easily decrease the material waste percentage that would have gone as landfills, therein proving to be worthy for the surrounding ecosystem.

Minimizes the Cost of Sustenance

As all types of commercial or residential lighting systems are subject to timely maintenance, hence, it is always sensible to adopt paramount lights such as LEDs for their long-lasting serviceable life. Presenting a resilient lifecycle, the LEDs for parking zones assist in downsizing the cost of maintaining such lights. Most commercial and residential premises use such LEDs with optimized illumination, therein saving the users’ cost with less number of parking lot fixtures.

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Again, in comparison to the regular lights, such LEDs generated output minimizes gradually throughout their shelf life, therein gaining in the functional life. Herein, these LEDs can usually function for around 50,000 hours, therein lowering the total cost of sustenance along with manpower and usable resources, and saving substantially on the monthly utility bills with augmented cost-efficiency eventually.

Final Verdict

Factoring into the distinctive privileges gained by deciding to install such highly functional and feasible Parking lot lighting from the well-known parking light suppliers of Affordablelighting.com, it will surely prove to be an excellent deal for the commoners or business entities.

Attainable in pre-packaged fittings, these certified lighting products of Quick Ship LED and Standard Ship LED parking lot pole kits, supported by innovative DLC listed fixtures can assist the clients to save considerably.