light pole is nothing but a cylindrical component adjoined to the top of the poles. Thus, it allows a light or pole bracket to be installed properly. Though most tendons are seen 2 percent inches in diameters, also larger diameter, like three and four are also available depending on the load requirements and applications. Thing this is - whether the light poles do not have tendons or the orientation are required to be changes as per the project requirements then you will need light pole adapters.

Use of Light Pole adapter

Actually, a light pole adapter is widely used in light project. It is used to add a tenon to a pole or transform the diameter of the tenon, the direction and shape of the tenon. As a matter of fact there are different types of adapters available where you need to choose the best one depending on your light project requirements. So choose the best seller is important.

High Standard Light Pole Adapters Online

Actually there are four types of light pole adapters as well as mounting brackets available in the market. These are:

  • Pole top adapters

  • Wall mounted brackets

  • Spoke mounting brackets

  • Bullhorn brackets

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All of their pole adapters and reducers are made of high standard steel and aluminum, so that they could withstand the elements as well as strain they would face. Here you get a largest selection of pole adapters and reducers in the lighting industry.

Light Pole Adapters Offered By Gordy's Sensors

Putting it simple, light pole adapters and reducers are designed especially to offer tenon mounts on poles with open tops. Additionally, to tenon adapters, the spoke mounted arms are widely available to adjoining the mounting points to the side of the light poles.

Now you understood that light pole adapters as well as reducers are great alternatives that help to replace your existing poles in the time you retrofit new fixtures.

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Choose Light Pole Adapters Choose Gordy's Sensors

Light pole adapters, bullhorn bracket, reducers and wall mount bracket are some of the most essential things that you will need for your lighting project. Let's discuss about pole tenon adapters and what actually are they.

It is nothing but a pole adapter or accessory that can help you convert 3, 4 or 5 inches pole size in diameter to smaller size in order that actually fits the street light002E


Finishing Lines

Thought you are associated with lighting projects of various types, and would need light pole adapters and other mounting brackets in different times, if you need any at best price or have any question about the parking lot lighting installation, please feel free to get in touch with affordable lighting.