Metal Halide and High Presure Sodium Light Fixtures
  Choose from our extensive line of commercial outdoor lighting fixtures, from metal halide flood  lights, wall packs, high bays, low bays to cobra head lighting for street lighting. Our outdoor flood and area light fixtures are a perfect fit for every parking lot lighting application. From Dark Sky compliant fixtures to wide area flood lights, we can design your project to conform to the strictest of lighting restrictions. If your city requires a photometric analysis before the give you the required permits, send us a drawing in a pdf or CAD file and we can get you started. Its a free service so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including the inside track for getting the job. Most citys require a photometric study as well as specification sheets for every prooduct you plan to use on the job. We can provide this for you, leaving you with no worries. Compliment your parking lot job by putting metal halide wall packs on the sides of the building, you can choose from the decorative or standard wall packs depending on your citys lighting plan.
Applications also include
Warehouse lighting | Street Lighting | Under Canopy Lighting