Cobra Head Light for street lighting
  Perfect for street lighting, highway lighting and some parking lot lighting projects, the cobra head light is a viable option when choosing your style lighting fixture. When dark sky compliancy other glare issues are not an issue, the drop lens cobra head light with its type 5 reflector is the best choice. With drop lens style you can get a 360 throw allowing you to use longer mounting arms and fewer light poles. Available in both the sparkling white color of the metal halide or high pressure sodium with longer lasting lamps. We can comply with your lighting specifications. When glare issues, dark sky compliance or state or local light tresspass ordinance are in effect our flat lens cobra head light is the choice. As a full cutoff fixture it will satisfy all restrictions you might come up against. Glare is almost eliminated with this fixture due to it facing straight down,and the light pattern being more contained to the ground. Your place of business will still be well lit but your neighbors cant complain
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