LED Retrofit Kits

 A viable option for updating your parking lot lighting without breaking the bank, the LED retrofit kits are a more economical way to light your outdoor light fixtures, especially if the fixtures you have are in good shape. A simple process, just gut the old fixture (taking lamp, ballast and reflector out)replace the original socket with the new universal bracket. Bolt the new LED board and driver in place and your finished. Stand back and admire your new lights and smile because you just started saving money on you power bill, its a great day.

 Available in wattages from 35 watt to 480 watts (100-1500 watt metal halide), every fixture you own is a candidate for retro fitting. From wall packs,flood lights, high bay,low bay fixtures to outdoor recessed cans can be converted to LED. Saving on overall cost for a new fixture, try our LED retrofit kits. You don’t have to recreate the wheel to get new and economical lighting.