Complete Lighting Source Inc can help design your lighting projects. We can help you decide the amount of light needed as well as possible light pole placement and light pole height. When deciding between standard metal halide and the new energy efficient LED fixtures, we can show both sides of the issue in a fair and balanced way. While LED is the most popular way to go, its not necessarily the way to go every time. While LED light fixtures do save energy and power bills, the secret to them is they have to be on. If you only have them on one hour per night one night a week, its not really the correct thing to buy considering the original up front cost

 We offer our direct services instead of always an impersonal website, the is the reason we really prefer you to call us and lets get it right the first time. Offering a free photometrical evaluation we can take the guess work out of you parking lot lighting project, which will make sure your customer will be satisfied and continue to use your services