20 ft 4×4 7 gauge parking lot light pole
〈Buy 7 or more poles your shipping is free〉

Parking lot lighting, street lighting and car lot lighting

SSS – 4 Bolt Base
CLS-SSS20D4-4-** Bronze/Black/White/Gray
Mounting height: 20 ft.
Wall thickness: 7 gauge
Butt diameter: 4 in.
Top diameter: 4 in.
Base diameter: 9 in.
Bolt circle: 8-9 in.
Bolt projection: 2.75 in.
Bolt size: .75 x 17 x 3 in.
Net weight: 195 lbs.
Luminary weight: 150 lbs.
Arm style: Specify drilling or tenon size.
Square Straight Steel


* CALL FOR GFCI, Vibration Damper and extra hand holes.*

Wind Load Capacity

20.5 EPA @ 70 mph
16.4 EPA @ 80 mph
15.3 EPA @ 90 mph
11.8 EPA @ 100 mph
9.2 EPA @ 110 mph
7.2 EPA @ 120 mph


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Light pole material All material shall be weldable-grade, hot rolled, commercial quality carbon steel tubing. Base plate and hand hole material shall conform to ASTM A36. All welds shall conform to AWS D1.1 using E70xx electrodes. EPA Calculations Based on AASHTO Standard Specifications for structural supports for highway signs,luminaires and traffic signals, 1994 edition using and EPSA weight of 25 lbs-per square ft of EPA Height coefficients based on formula (H/30^(1/7). EPA's are calculated at the top of shaft. All welds shall conform to AWS D1.1 using E70xx electrodes. Anchor Bolts Per AASHTO M314-9 Grade 55' withe galvanized steel hex nuts,lock washers and flat washers Hand hole and electrical cover 2 piece Galvanized steel base cover Steel reinforced hand hole cover with gasket Pole finish Bronze powder coated over hot dipped galvanized steel Luminaire mounting Tenon top with 4" x 2-3/8 tenon Drill style with 1-2-3-4 side drilling available Pole Shipping Free pole shipping will apply only to commercial locations with docks and or forklifts