Metal Halide or LED Sports Lighting Fixtures
 Our Sports Lighting fixtures are available in two types, standard metal halide and the new LED style. These are ideal for sports field lighting , back yard sports courts , parks, signs, parking lot lighting, and other general applications where sports lighting may come into use. standard metal halide sports are available in 3 common wattages: 400 - 1000 - 1500 watt metal halide. The 1500 watt is the industry standard for every large sports field, from Football field lighting, soccer field lighting to baseball field lighting including Dixie Youth and Major League fields. The 400-1000 watt metal halide fixtures fixtures can be used for indoor sports events such as basketball and smaller projects, including your backyardsports lighting project. *LED applications
      LED sports light has wattages ranging from 158 watt (750 equivalent) to 567 watts  (1500-2000 equal) so we can equal or surpass every fixture you have. With so many LED wattage choices, there are no limits for using our LED sports light. Available in wattages ranging from a 400 watt equivalent to a 1500-2000 watt equal, we can accomplish any lighting spec you might have to meet. With different beam spreads available, we can adjust your LED sports light fixture output to eliminate dark sports on your sports field. The LED sports lighting fixtures are DLC listed which allows you to apply for all or most energy rebates.
*50000 hour LED lamp life *Mounting Mounting the sports light is very simple. Made to mount a metal cross arm, there is a 5/8 bolt and nut at the bottom of the fixture. This will drop down to into the standard drilled hole on the cross arm and after alignment you can tighten this bolt secure. We also have slip fitter mounts, (slips over a 2" pipe),as well as single brackets to mount to vertical structures. You can also replace the bottom bolt with a longer bolt to accommodate wood style cross arms.
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